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Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Space-Saving Tips for Stylish Solutions

20 September 2023 - Andrew Baxter

Sometimes the bathroom may be the only place where we get a moment's peace to ourselves.
The design of the space is just as important as the main social areas, however, bathrooms tend to be some of the smallest spaces within the home.
Our Bathrooms Designer, Andrew, at our Lymington showroom looks at ways to make the most of your bathroom space, and shares ideas to really improve your bathroom design. 

Lighting & Mirrors

Although natural light is best for making a space look bigger, not all bathrooms will have a window.
However, clever use of an illuminated mirror will give you the extra light needed to help open the space.
Colour changing mirrors are also available, which will help create different ambiances depending on how the space is being used. 

Bathroom Pocket Doors

One thing I have seen a lot when visiting bathrooms during the design process, is just how much impact a traditional hinged door can have on the space.
Simply re-hanging the door can make a big difference to the space as you enter the room.
Opting for a pocket door or a sliding door will give you much more space to work with and can completely transform the design of the room.

Bathroom Curves

Curved shapes work better in small spaces, as they create a softer feel and lead you around the room.
This works particularly well with taller features, such as shower enclosures. 

Small bathrooms can be transformed into stunning, functional spaces with the right design approach.
We hope this guide has provided you with inspiration for your own small bathroom project.
Remember, it's not about the size of the space; it's about the creativity and thoughtful planning that goes into it.
Have a small space and want to discuss your options with our design experts?